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About air conditioning cleaning

The sad fact about air conditioning cleaning is that most owners are unaware this type of service exists combined with the disappointing reality that very few air conditioning companies offer or even recognize this important service.

Ever increasing electricity costs and rising awareness of health issues caused by the air we breath have culminated in the importance of assessing the health, efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning unit. Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner up to 50% and save up to 30% on your air conditioner electricity usage combined with peace of mind knowing that you, your family, staff or customers are not affected by bacteria and mold growth in your air conditioner.

Air conditioning cleaning is not the same as air conditioning servicing, in fact air conditioning cleaning is a much more comprehensive and detailed process of rejuvenating your air conditioner and prolonging it’s life cycle.

Air conditioning cleaning is even more important than general home cleaning or spring cleaning because there is no other appliance in your home or office that breeds nasty “BLACK MOLD” in such a way that air conditioning units do. It is advisable that your air conditioner be cleaned at least once a year to retain healthy, effective operation.

Types Of Units We Clean