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Air conditioner cleaning is not to be confused with air conditioner servicing. These 2 practices can sometimes be completely different.

Servicing is not required on split air conditioners, box air conditioners or portable air conditioners as all the components of these units are completely sealed. There are no bearings to grease and simply carrying out a check of the gas is a complete waste of time and money unless your air conditioner is faulty or not working at all.

These types of air conditioners require regular cleaning, not regular servicing.

If your air conditioning company offers a professional clean as part of their service then you are being looked after BUT if not then you are potentially being lead down the proverbial garden path to simply relieve you of your hard earned money.

Here is the benchmark of what a professional clean should entail;

  1. We prepare the surrounding area within your home, office, school, hospital, nursing home, day care center or wherever your air conditioner is, ON SITE.
  2. We remove the front cover of your air conditioner.
  3. We spray a special coil treatment to dislodge the contaminants through the entire coil, from front to rear.
  4. We spray a special fan treatment to dislodge the buildup of dirt, mold, dust and bacteria on your barrel fans.
  5. We pressure wash your internal coil (evaporator coil) and blower fans (barrel fans) with a portable medium pressure cleaner so as not to damage the aluminum fins of the coil.
  6. We spay an anti-microbial treatment into your evaporator coil which gives you 12-month protection against microorganism growth.
  7. We wash the inside and outside of you air conditioning cover panel.
  8. We scrub and wash all the contaminants from your filter.
  9. We spray your filter with an anti-microbial treatment which gives you 12-month protection against microorganism growth.
  10. We re-assemble your air conditioner, clean up the surrounding area and provide test operation to insure we have not damaged anything and that you are 100% happy with the service we have provided.
  11. We leave your air conditioner cleaner and healthier so you can breathe easier with less risk of sickness.
  12. We provide a genuine service at a genuine price and we are fully qualified and fully insured.

If you are not receiving the above mentioned process as part of your regular service then you are not receiving the best attention for your air conditioner.

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