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How often should your Air Conditioner be cleaned?

This totally depends on the amount of use and environment but a minimum should be once a year for a professional clean. It is advisable that you clean your filters at least quarterly.

What is the life expectancy of an Air Conditioner?

A good quality system will last long past its 5 year warranty period, provided it is well maintained. It is not uncommon for an air conditioner to operate for 20 years or more.

Should I leave my Air Conditioner on when not at home?

It is not recommended to leave your cooling or heating system on however if you do you should ensure that it is regularly cleaned (at least once a year). If you do leave your air conditioner on all the time then it is obviously being exposed to more airborne contaminants which means you might need to consider a 6 monthly cleaning schedule.

What temperature should I set my Air Conditioner?

There is no point in setting your air conditioner to the lowest setting (18 degrees) in summer or highest setting (30 degrees) in winter. The temperature setting on you remote control represents the temperature you want your room to reach, not the temperature that comes out of your air conditioner. Majority of people will set their air conditioners to 22 or 23 degrees in summer or 23 or 24 degrees in winter. You need to determine your comfortable setting and then you should never have to change the temperature setting.

Will a clean Air Conditioner save me money?

Absolutely! A clogged up air conditioner with dirt and dust it will cut efficiency up to 50%. A regular clean can save you up to 30% in your energy running costs.

When I turn on my Air Conditioner it smells musty (stinks).

A smelly air conditioner is an air conditioner that seriously requires cleaning and anti bacterial treatments.

My Air Conditioner vibrates when it is running.

Contaminants that pass through your filter and through the coil will build up on the fan blades. In extreme cases we have encountered mushrooms growing on the fan blades. This build up of contaminants or growth on the fan blades can lead to an imbalance.

If the blower fan (drum fan or barrel fan) is out of balance this is likely the cause for vibration and/or a noisy fan.

In some cased this can be caught before damage is caused to your fan bearings. If, however, the fan bearings have been damaged then you will either have to put up with the noise or part with the cost of having the bearings replaced.

I don’t feel as much air blow out my Air Conditioner.

In this case it is probably very dirty and therefore the air flow is restricted.

Air flow can be restricted by blocked filters, a clogged coil or obstructed fan blades.

My Air Conditioner is not getting a cold as you use to be.

One of the major causes is a dirty air conditioner. If you have never had your air conditioner cleaned then your first call should be to Fresh Aircon Cleaning.

Do medical experts recognize contamination in home air conditioning as a health hazard?

Organisations ranging from the World Health Organization to the US Environmental Protection Agency recognize the dangers associated with poor indoor air quality. In Australia, the CSIRO says that Australia faces a significant air quality challenge largely because of indoor rather than outdoor pollutants.

WARNING! 5 Common Health Hazards Risking Your Family’s Health… And They Are All Found Inside Your Air Conditioner!

Air Conditioner Health Hazard #1: Dust, Dirt and Grime

Air Conditioner Health Hazard #2: Allergens

Air Conditioner Health Hazard #3: Human Biological Products

Air Conditioner Health Hazard #4: Bacteria

Air Conditioner Health Hazard #5: Mould and Fungi

What are the human symptoms of a contaminated Air Conditioner? Do Fresh Aircon Cleaning service Air Conditioners?

Fresh Aircon Cleaning specializes in the cleaning of air conditioners, we do not carry out air conditioning servicing. We have relationships with air conditioning companies whereby they will refer their air conditioning cleaning jobs to us and we will refer air conditioning repair jobs to them. There is no conflict in using our services to return your air conditioner to “AS NEW” condition.

Our specialty is split air conditioners, box or window type air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

We are not restricted or limited to the 3 types of units indicated and there is certainly a large demand for cleaning ducted system filters, air curtains, cool rooms and freezer rooms, cassette air conditioners or any type of cooling system that has an evaporator coil with an assisted blower fan.

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